Wednesday, 6 May 2015

REVIEW: Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking

Well, the play certainly lived up to its title. Well almost. Nonsense it most certainly was, Perfect? Far from it.

 The three superb individual performances from the production’s cast wasn’t enough to paper over the cracks of a show with a woefully confusing or non-existent storyline and tired gags.

So to start with the good; Ed Hancock as Bertie Wooster was a loveable and energetic lead with great comic timing and facial expressions with just enough restraint to stop the character being irritating. He was a wonderful narrator for this tale but was a pity there wasn’t more in the text for this talented actor to work with.

Similarly Jason Thorpe as Jeeves showed his versatility as he moulded into a variety of other characters with a particular highlight being in act two where he appears as Madeline and Sir Bassett at the same time!

Young Ones star Christopher Ryan showed his experience in a number of roles showcasing both his vocal and physical theatre abilities. The chemistry between the three actors was red hot and between them they held this show together and kept the pace fast and slick.

The problem with this show was the script and the repetition of the jokes. If you weren’t a fan of slapstick comedy before you’re unlikely to be after this, with there being little else to keep you engaged or occupied.

By the end of act one we were so lost in the story that we didn’t care for the characters or the outcome. This show was clearly for fans of Jeeves and Wooster but can’t see this production appealing or welcoming a new wave of audiences.

Review by Andy Edmeads 


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