Wednesday, 11 March 2015

REVIEW: Spamalot at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking

A show packed full of gags but not realising its potential.

Lovingly written by Python’s very own Eric Idle, it is impossible for any Life of Brian or Holy Grail fan not to enjoy this production. It is familiar and rewarding to fans of their comedy, without excluding those not aware of Monty Python’s work. And at less than two hours, the show zips by with little chance to draw breath.

The supporting cast work tirelessly in a variety of roles to bring this silly, irreverent story to life with Richard Kent as Prince Herbert and Richard Meek appearing as Sir Dennis Galahad (amongst other roles) particularly shining. The strength of this production was the pace and energy amongst the cast members, used to great effect to aid their storytelling.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

REVIEW: Dance 'Till Dawn at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking

Ok, let’s address the obvious first; Vincent and Flavia are exceptionally talented dancers. Even though I am no Strictly Come Dancing expert, I know this. Flawless footwork, perfect timing and chemistry that ooze out of every pore, the pair recreates the magic of 1940s Hollywood in this high energy production.

What was a welcome surprise was just how good the rest of this 2 hour feast for the senses was!
Musical Director Patrick Hurley created a score rich in sounds that take the audience on a nostalgic journey to the golden era of film and showbiz, with jazz favourites like Cry Me A River and Why Don’t You Do Right. The show also added new tones to contemporary songs by Bruno Mars, Adele and Paolo Nutini which only aided the shows appeal and made it relevant to a younger audience.

REVIEW: Romeo and Juliet at Sadler's Wells

I’m a big theatre fan, which means that I mostly look out for what plays are showing in London. Recently however, I’ve started to notice dance shows as well, and for example the exciting dance companies coming to Sadler’s Wells in the next few months.
The latest show to open at the Peacock Theatre is Romeo and Juliet, directed by Rasta Thomas and choreographed by Adrienne Canterna, creators of the dance sensation Rock the Ballet. What is unique is that they’ve used their innovative style to tell the timeless tale of star crossed lovers. The all-American company invites us to an evening of fun filled with classical (Vivaldi) and contemporary pop tunes that make you transition from tears to laughs.
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