Sunday, 1 February 2015

REVIEW: Saturday Night Fever at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking

It upsets me that this is the standard of productions that the British public are watching, there is so much more out there that is amazing but this is what people are paying to watch? I’m confused.

This is a poor quality show, absolutely no love or passion has gone into the creating of this show so there is a flat and dull feeling through out the entire thing. You wait and wait and wait and wait for it to pick up, but it never does. 

Sound issues were a major downfall of this production, I couldn't hear a word most of the cast were singing or speaking however I could hear all the automation and pushing of sets on stage.

I have a strong hate against actor-musician shows; admittedly, sometimes they work really well but when you have a dance show and half the cast can’t move because they have a huge saxophone in their arms, it loses its selling point. 

Danny Bayne IS Tony Manero, he plays the part perfectly and dances like his trousers are on fire. You couldn't ask for a better leading man for this show. However, not enough to save this production. 

Naomi Slights plays Stephanie in this production and she is phenomenal, her voice and acting is spot on for the role. 

Its a shame that Bobby C (Alex Lodge) was completely irrelevant due to the amount of lines cut. His death (spoiler!) pops out of no where and left me feeling confused. 

I always make an effort to mention the ensemble in my reviews but when most of them are being used as the band in an unnecessary way then I don’t have much to say. 

I am pretty sure in this production a large chunk of lines have been cut which means that there are huge gaps in the story. Characters aren't joined together and things move far too quickly. I, shamefully, have never seen the film so don’t know the story and I couldn't tell you what happened. 

This is a cheap and soulless production, save your money and go and see something of a better quality. They aimed high but unfortunately failed. Massively. If you want to watch Saturday Night Fever die a horrible death then PLEASE go and see this production. 

Review by Mark Swale 


Cast includes: Danny Bayne, Naomi Slights, Bethany Linsdell, Alex Lodge, Rory Phelan, Llandyll Gove, Cici Howells, Phona McGregor, Mike Lloyd, Matthew Guinn, Bracken Burns, Mike Turnbull, Michael Stewart, Lauren McCabe, Aston New, Ellie Ann Lowe, Sally Peerless, Joe Vetch, Andrew Gallo, Nick James and random girl who came on at the end with no shoes to dance for all of 50 seconds.  
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