Thursday, 2 October 2014

Monthly Theatre Obsessions: September

Hugh Maynard 

Back in 2004, Hugh began to play the character of John in MISS SAIGON for the first time and to date is the youngest person in the history of the production to have played this role. He has received rave reviews for his reprisal in the role of John and I have been obsessing over his voice this month! So strong, powerful and his range is stunning. His leading vocal in “Bui Doi” at West End Heroes made me sob; not just weep a little, or shed a tear – I sobbed with a heart overrunning with emotion from his stunning vocal performance. 

Collabro’s Number 1 Album, “Stars” 

They wowed the crowd with their flawless vocals at West End Heroes, and now, I am absolutely hooked on their album! Collabro stars Michael, Richard, Jamie, Matthew and Thomas all have stunning voices in their own right, but it’s the chemistry made between them which makes this band something unique and special. 
With fantastic harmonies and their voices all blending so beautifully and songs ranging from “Frozen” to Frank Ocean – this album showcases their musical theatre voices perfectly. I’m hooked, and after one track, you will be too! 

My Shakespeare (Sky Arts 1, Mondays at 9pm)

In each episode, one celebrity explores an iconic work by William Shakespeare, revealing their personal connection to the work and how it has shaped them professionally. They embark on a journey to find out how their chosen play was written, as well as meeting actors, historians, and directors to understand how the plays have been performed and developed over time. Morgan Freeman and Kim Cattrall have already explored their favourite Shakespeare plays so far this series and I was totally gripped on both episodes. This is a much watch programme for any lover of history, theatre or performing. It’s informative, intelligent and insightful. 


We’ve all know there are various groups of ‘fangirls’ for the highest profile West End stars but we wanted to make a special mention to @TeamEmmaHatton ! Emma Hatton is currently stand-by Elphaba for Kerry Ellis in Wicked, and when has been performing in more and more shows each month, with her voice strengthening each week. Team Emma Hatton are always the first to tweet about her fantastic performances, tweet interesting statistic about Wicked and campaign for her chosen charities when running marathons. They are some of the best fans from the West End circuit and we love them for it! Make sure you give them a follow and help them reach 2000 followers - @TeamEmmaHatton ! 


Jennifer DiNoia – Wicked will soon be welcoming a new Elphaba! Since having first become the “green girl” in 2006, DiNoia has travelled internationally and onto Broadway to play one of theatre’s most desirable female roles. Jennifer has said "I am so honoured and excited to be making my West End and UK debut in this incredible role that has been part of my life and career for eight extraordinary years. I look forward to working with Savannah Stevenson and the amazing London company." We are incredibly lucky to be welcoming her to the Apollo Victoria theatre for 14 weeks from October 27th 2014. 

Nicole Scherzinger – Yes, I am aware “Cats” does not re-open until December but the announcement that Nicole was making her West End debut in this show has me so excited, I can hardly sit still! The former Pussycat Doll has almighty power in her voice which an essential for the actress playing the role of Grizabella. Nicole is the perfect glamour cat in real life, so I hope she can deliver show stopping performances that wow crowds night after night and last in our memory!

Article by Harriet Langdown 
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