Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Guilt & Shame return to Soho Theatre

Fresh from a dazzling run at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe - described by Gay Times as nothing short of genius - Guilt & Shame’s wild, narrative-based sketch comedy returns to Soho Theatre to take you by storm in Going Straight.

Orgies, murders, bank robberies and boy bands - gay virgin Rob and unstoppable womaniser Gabe have been involved in them all. These boys really need to change their hedonistic ways so they join a strange religious cult. But, their new god – Jeremy Clarkson - has some very weird rules. With crazy Christians, rapping dwarfs and a disco-loving transvestite, fresh, crude and funny Guilt & Shame seem to be doing anything but going straight!

Guilt & Shame are overflowing with energy and ideas, bringing contemporary issues of sexuality, religion and politics to life with skill and panache. From the second you walk through the door, they grab your attention and capture your imagination.

This depraved comedy duo invite us to share our darkest secrets but be prepared for all hell to break loose, especially when their trademark PIME routine makes an appearance.

These boys are incredibly skilled at the art of performance, with every joke hitting the mark in terms of thematic pitch and timing... Brilliantly observed and whimsically satirical, Going Straight manages to hold a commentary on modern issues which, while never preaching, is consistently entertaining. (Broadway Baby on Edinburgh Fringe 2014).

It is rare to see a sketch show which so deftly couples laugh-out-loud humour with the sense of an underlying serious message, but Rob and Gabe succeed in doing this and more, delivering a rip-roaring performance. (Ed Fringe Review on Edinburgh Fringe 2014). 
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