Friday, 26 September 2014

EVITA: A look back at the history of the great women who have played the icon

EVITA is currently playing a limited run at the West Ends Dominion Theatre, its a show that is over 36 years old and its still going stong to this day. As a celebration of the show, we take a look back at some of the women who have portrayed this icon. Click here to read my review of EVITA at the Dominion Theatre. 

Elaine Paige
The original Eva Peron

Patti Lupone 
The Original Eva Peron on Broadway

Florence Lacey 
Eva Peron on Broadway and on numerous tours around America 

Derin Altay
Eva Peron on Broadway and on tour around America 

Loni Ackerman

Eva Peron in the Los Angeles production of Evita 

Kathy Voytko
Eva Peron in a revival tour in America 

Louise Dearman 
Eva Peron on tour around the UK 

 Elena Roger 
Eva Peron in the London (2006) and Broadway (2012) revivals 

Chilina Kennedy 
Eva Peron in the 2011 Stratford Shakespeare Festival production 

Caroline Bowman
Eva Peron on tour around America 

Madalena Alberto 
Eva Peron on tour around the UK and in the current West End production

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