Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Grim: a New Musical to play the Rose Theatre and Charing Cross Theatre

Grim: a New Musical which is supported by Judi Dench, Ian McKellen and David Cameron, will transfer from the 900-seater Rose theatre to Charing Cross in Londons West End this August. Grim: a New Musical will also perform for His Royal Highness Prince Edward on the 11th July at The Rose theatre Kingston. 

Grim: a New Musical is the love story to die for. It’s a story about the Grim Reaper falling in love with Cupid but she cannot be with him as she’ll kill him. When she is drawn to someone she takes their soul. Grim cannot be complete without her soul and Cupid cannot be complete without his soul mate. This musical is about the collision of the two most powerful forces in the world - the power of love vs. the power of death with the angel of love falling for the angel of death. Sound-wise, think of Wicked, the Addam's Family and everything Tim Burton-esque and that’s the general tone of Grim.

The writing team, made up of best-selling writer Fiona OMalley (who has previously worked for VOGUE, The Irish Times and The Sunday Times) and award-winning composer Joseph Alexander. 

Its creative team are as follows; Director : Adam Wollerton, Choreographer : Sam Lathwood & Adam Jay-Price, Assistant Director : Joshua Whatsize, Set Designer: Anna Driftmier, Costume Designer : Anna Driftmier, Lighting Designer : Jack Weir and Make Up Design : Sophie Venes. 

Cast includes: Roseanna as Grim, Anthony Matteo as Cupid, Izzy Roy as Isabella, Georgi Mottram as Amelia, Jamie Leeke as Matthew, Kathryn Rutherford as Cherry, Rhiannon Drake as Sabrina, Louise Cameron as Ruby and Karina Toolan as Teacher. The ensemble is made up of Jade Jordan, Kelly Renders, Emily Little, Kirsty Knight, Niamb Caines, Sam Murphy, Kieran Kuypers, Christopher Keating, Sam Lathwood, Adam Jay-Price, Madalin Botezatu, Tristan Kyde and Andrew Binns 

Grim: a New Musical the Love Story to Die For
Royal Performance
Supported by David Cameron, Judi Dench and Ian Mc Kellen
Transferring to West End 

Tickets from £12.50

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