Tuesday, 1 July 2014

FROM HERE TO ETERNITY to release Original London Cast Recording

Tim Rice's musical From Here to Eternity will be release the original cast recording. The the songs were recorded live during the shows run at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London's West End. The original London cast recording will be available via iTunes from Thursday 3rd July - the same day as the cinema release - and then on double CD from Monday August 4th.  

The show, which closed at the Shaftesbury Theatre in March following a six-month run, was filmed across two nights for cinema release, the programme will also include a tour of the theatre and an interview with Tim Rice.
From Here to Eternity, which is adapted from James Jones' 1951 novel which was turned into an eight-time Academy Award-winning film, features lyrics by Rice, music by newcomer Stuart Brayson and a book by Bill Oakes.
It follows the lives and loves of a group of soldiers stationed on the Hawaiian island of Oahu in 1941, before and during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour which led to the US engagement in the Second World War.

The Cast Includes Christine Allado, Keisha Amponsa Banson, Marc Antolin, Julie Armstrong, James Ballanger, John Brannoch, Darius Campell, Abigail Climer, Brian Doherty, Jessica Ellen, Dale Evans, Shimi Goodman, Siubhan Harrison, Kirby Hughes, Lauren Ingram, Dean John-Wilson, Joshua Lacey, Robert Lonsdale, Carolyn Maitland, Martin Marquez, Yiftach Mizrahi, Nuno Queimado, Ryan Sampson, Lucinda Shaw, Warren Sollars, David Stoller, Rebecca Sutherland, Rebecca Thornhill, Lauren Tyler, Lauren Varnham, Adam Vaughan, Stephen Webb and Matthew Wesley. 

The track lists is as follows... 

1. Overture (2:16)

2. G Company Blues (3:34)
3. Thirty Year Man (3:01)
4. Another Language (3:04)
5. Don'cha Like Hawaii (3:27)
6. You Got The Money (2:52)
7. Making Time (2:42)
8. Fight The Fight (2:41)

9. Run Along Joe (3:26)

10. More Than America (3:59)
11. Thirty Year Man (3:49)
12. Love Me Forever Today (3:31)
13. I Love The Army (4:50)
14. Ain't Where I Wanna Be Blues (2:43)
15. Maybe (3:55)
16. Something In Return (3:31) 
17. The Boys of '41 (2:53)
18. Almost Perfect Lie (2:57)
19. Finale (4:15)
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