Monday, 9 June 2014

Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST to play the Cockpit Theatre, produced by Tree Folk Theatre

“Be not afeard. The Isle is full of noises, sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not”, Tree Folk Theatre will take you through the Tempest, guided by masks, puppetry and music. 

After two well-received shows (Tsarevich and The Wolf + Nights of Enchantment), Tree Folk Theatre are producing an in-the-round version of The Tempest in the Cockpit Theatre, 15th July - 3rd August. 

A fierce storm strikes the sea, and a royal ship bound for Italy is tossed amongst the waves. Prospero and his daughter Miranda watch from their desert island as the ship is wrecked. Prospero admits to his daughter that he orchestrated the storm as an act of revenge on the people on board. Miraculously, everyone survives the shipwreck and they begin to explore this mysterious, magical island ruled by Prospero. Join Tree Folk Theatre Company as they take you through the tempests and into a world of mystical creatures, hideous monsters, witchcraft and wizardry in Shakespeare's most magical play.

Tree Folk Theatre believes in bringing old folklore and classics to new audiences through use of puppetry, maskwork, physical theatre and music. William Vercelli founded the company in 2012 “With the idea of  bringing old stories and folklore to life”. 

Alice Sillett says about this show: 'The Tempest lends itself so brilliantly to Treefolk's vision, and to being performed in the round. Add puppets and mask work into the mix and you've got yourself an exciting challenge!' 

Chris Jones says about the company: “Tree Folk Theatre really excels at bringing new audiences to theatre and engaging those who have never crossed the arts before. We try to create something more than theatre and end up producing a multi-faceted experience enjoyed by a wide range of audiences”. 

Cast includes Jannik Archer, Stuart Mortimer, Isabel Sharman, Katriona Brown, Maia Kirkrich, Ellen Sussams, Ross McNamara, William Vercelli and Amy Lawrence. 

Directed by Alice Sillett

The Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth St, London NW8 8EH

15th July - 3rd August: Tuesday - Saturday 7:30PM, Sunday 27th & 3rd 3:30PM Matinees

£12, £10 Concession

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