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Monthly Theatre Obsessions: June

My first obsession this month is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, I saw it for the first time this month (read my review here) and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen! Such a fun show, Some of my favourite shows are the ones that you can just sit back, relax and laugh at and this is the one for that! A really good night filled with laughs and a cast to die for. The characters in the show have been cast perfectly, you can not fault the cast in this! I need to give a cheeky little mention to Katherine Kingsley, what an incredible performer! She is to just too perfect in this show! If you haven't seen this show already you need to get your bottom to the Savoy Theatre and check it out. Definitely my show of the month. 

Scott Alan is best known for getting big musical theatre stars to sing his songs but on this album its from his voice and I think thats what makes this album so special. Its from his heart and his voice gives the songs so much power and strength. I really admire what he has done in this album. Even though this is just an EP I think it really is something special, Scott Alan is one of the best writers of our time and this just proves why.  I defy anyone who can’t feel any emotions towards this EP. It is truly beautiful. One thing about his music is that its not perfect, now I do not mean that in a bad way! The not so perfectness of it gives it this raw feeling which makes the emotions in the songs so much stronger. Go and buy the album if you haven't already (available on iTunes and Amazon), some of his finest work. 

My second monthly obsession is a Tumblr account! Chris Clegg (Producer behind Cool Rider and Betwixt!) designs these cool 'minimal' posters for musicals. I remember Chris tweeting about these designs a while ago but this month it officially back and he is adding more this time! To the left are just some examples of the posters but go a head and visit the tumblr account and have a look at some of the other designs. I think The Book of Mormon, Betty Blue Eyes and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee  are my favourites, its nice to see a different and fresh take on the musicals designs. I highly recommend taking a look If you're a bit of a theatre geek like me, if you have some more suggestions then make sure to tweet the twitter account. @MinimalMusicals

My first monthly theatre obsession is Miss Saigon. When the original production closed I was 7 and I didn't see my first West End show until I was 12!  It's the final of the classics, like Les Mis and Phantom that teenagers and those in their early 20's can now tick off their list! It's firmly ticked off mine now and will probably earn a couple more ticks by the time the year's out! It's a brand new production, it's a Saigon for the 21st century audience and completely mind blowing. As a blogger, I'm fortunate to see so many shows that I'm not easily impressed by much now, it takes a lot to really excite me and this conquers! Alternate Kim, Tanya Manalang is a sensation, I'm sure Eva Noblezada is just as heartbreaking. It's so full of passion and I can't wait to see it again - perhaps I'll travel there by helicopter next time!

A second obsession is a Musical Theatre compilation album, but with a difference. West End Switched Off is the creation of Kris Rawlinson, The album brings together really successful as well as up and coming performers and puts a live lounge spin on popular musical theatre songs. Jordan Lee Davies from The Voice, and now Les Misérables, has a great rendition of Summertime from Porgy & Bess, Jodie Steele (Fame) does a great Let's Hear It For The Boy from Footloose also Dale Evans (Miss Saigon) Stranger In This World from Taboo and Adrian Hansel (Hairspray) who really offers a different You Can't Stop The Beat are among my favourite tracks! If you haven't already got the album, there's a track for all situations, a great listen for relaxing at home, driving, commuting... Buy it!

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BEAUTIFUL - THE CAROLE KING MUSICAL is currently taking Broadway by storm, and seems to be winning pretty much every Award out there too!  Accompanied by the most stunning soundtrack - which I am totally obsessed with - you are taken on the most mesmerising journey by leading lady, and Tony Award Winner, Jessie Mueller and the phenomenal Ensemble as they belt out classic tracks such as "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?", "You've Got A Friend" and "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman" with every inch of their being. Love. Passion. Life. Heartbreak - it's all here! With rumours swirling of an imminent London transfer - I can only hope (and pray!) that I will get the chance to see this fantastic soundtrack performers live and in person very soon! 

- Thoughts of a Blue Eyed Girl 

This won't really come as a surprise to any of my followers but right now I am totally obsessed with Miss Saigon. I saw the very first preview of the new revival less than two months ago and have been two other times since then! I was delighted to get to see Niall Sheehy perform the role of Chris last weekend. That was an unexpected treat to see the understudy perform! I have even booked to go again to see the show in a couple of weeks! When I'm not watching the show I am finding it very hard to listen to anything but Miss Saigon as well! I am also very excited about the rumours that a new London cast recording is in the pipeline! 

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