Sunday, 15 June 2014

10 Films that should be made into stage musicals

Films are constantly being adapted for the stage, some of the most loved musicals were originally a film. Currently in the West End we have The Bodyguard, The Lion King, Once, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Billy Elliot and the soon to be open Made in Dagenham. Over on Broadway they also have Kinky Boots, Aladdin and Rocky. After some twitter suggestions and my own ideas I've put together a list of films that should make it to the stage! 

If you have any more suggestions or ideas for casting then tweet me! @PocketSizeBoy

Moulin Rouge

Released in 2001, I think this film would be perfect for the stage! There has been talk of a musical version but as of yet nothing is confirmed. I did hear a possible arena tour was on the table...? Can we also cast Kylie Minogue and Ramin Karimloo in the leads? 


This hit Disney film has been confirmed to be in early development to be put on stage and is definitely heading to Broadway, Its one of my favourite Disney films  and I think with the right designers it would be amazing!

Hocus Pocus 

Released in 1993 this film didn't receive the best reviews but has a huge cult following. There is just something about this film that makes me think it would be great on stage, there are so many opportunities for some great numbers! And how incredible would it be if Bette Midler reprised her role?! 


Released in 2010, Burlesque would make the most incredible musical! I think the numbers staged in the film would translate really well on stage. Casting wise, Bebe Neuwirth would be amazing as Tess! If this movie doesn't make it to the stage at some point, I might just have to do it myself. 

Drop Dead Gorgeous

This 1999 film features an all star cast and is now considered a cult film after not being so well received when it was first released. I think if you update the story a little and hire a new, fresh song writer it would be a good recipe for a great musical! 

Miss Congeniality

A film that is generally loved by gays everywhere, Miss Congeniality was released in 2000 and is one of my personal favourite films! This could either be absolutely rubbish or the best thing in the world. If it goes down the right direction I think it could be a great musical. Similar to what I said about Drop Dead Gorgeous, with a fresh take on the music it could be really fun! 


One of my favourite Disney films EVER (I named my fish after the two main characters when I was younger). I think this could be a great show and following Aladdin on Broadway I'm hoping Disney are looking at this film to turn into a stage adaptation. 

Stepford Wives

Another film that wasn't received very well at the Box Office (anyone see a theme here?) but I love this movie (2004 film version). I think there is opportunity for some fabulous numbers in the story and think it would do reasonably well with the right casting! Bring in Patti Lupone to play Claire Wellington and providing she's good in Made in Dagenham maybe Gemma Arterton as Joanna Eberhart? 

Death Becomes Her

This film is timeless! Anyone who says they didn't enjoy this movie is lying. And how great would it be to see this on stage? (Rhetorical question.) I don't need to say anything else. This needs to happen. 

Princess Diaries

Released in 2001 and starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews this film would be a great story for a musical! And grossing  $165,335,153 worldwide you can't tell me people won't go and see it. 

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