Wednesday, 21 May 2014

You know you're stagey when...

The WhatsOnStage Forum is one of the most visited websites in your internet history.

This is what your Top 25 Most played songs looks like.... 

You've seen more than 4 Elphabas.  Or at least YouTubed them. 

You live for musical theatre flash mobs. 

You can burst into a musical song fitting to the current situation at the drop of a hat.

Your DVD collection looks a bit like this... 

You biggest dilemma is wether to sing the Ivy or Karen section in 'Let Me Be Your Star', but you're still convinced you can do both. At the same time. 

When watching sport you ask "When is the interval?" 

When someone asks for a Dick pic, you send your favourite Van Dyke.

You play the 'Guess where they trained' game when looking in a programme of a show. 

You talk about people in stage by their first name, even if you haven't met them.

You live for this video...

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