Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Wicked the Musical: Theatre Review

Wicked the Musical opened on Broadway in 2003 and since then has opened productions in Chicago, Los Angeles, Australia, Germany, Japan and London. The London production opened in 2006 and has been going strong ever since. The show has been through multiple cast changes and I recently went to see it on 22ndApril 2011.
The show takes place before Dorothy arrived in Oz, following the story of the Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba) and Glinda. It's about the relationship that the girls share with a love triangle, a controversy with the Wizard and the story of the Wicked Witch of The East. The show also explains why the Tin Man has no Heart, why the lion is cowardly and why the scarecrow has no brain.Its providing something that everyone can relate to, it reaches out to almost every audience member which is a very rare thing to find in a Musical.
The design team on this show are a dream; Eugene Lee's set is incredible to look at and fits perfectly into the show, as does Susan Hilferty's delightful and imaginative costumes. Stephen Schwartz's score is incredible. The stunning 11 O'clock numbers are to spare in this show; Defying Gravity, No Good Deed and Thank Goodness are the musical and emotional highlights in the show, each one expressing amazing emotion from the characters.
Rachel Tucker was a stunning Elphaba, she knows exactly what the character is and she really understood her as a person.Mark Evans and Clive Carter, I feel, are the best Fiyero and Wizard that have been cast in London. Zoe Rainey was a good Nessarose, a weak younger character, but a fabulous older Nessarose. Julian Forsyth is usually a great Doctor Dillimond, but for some reason lacked in energy.
Julie Legrand is way to pantomime as Madame Morrible for me and no character development. Ben Scott and Louise Dearman where not in on this performance so in the roles of Boq and Glinda we got Thomas Sutcliffe and Chloe Taylor.Thomas was a cute, innocent Boq and at times I just wanted to jump on stage and give him a hug! Chloe Taylor had big shoes to fill as Louise Dearman, in my opinion, is exactly what Glinda should be. But I really don't like it when people compare actors, so I went in with an open mind. C
hloe gave it her all as Glinda and her energy in the role was fantastic, but her younger Glinda didn't really feel right, neither did her older Glinda. I kind of feel like she needs to grow into the character a little bit more. The show itself is brilliant, visually stunning and the score is beautiful.
The story is told well however it could get a little confusing if you do not pay attention which could be a problem for small children.It's a theatre must see, and should be at the top of everyone's list. Go see this show!

Rating: ****

Wicked is currently playing at the Apollo Victoria Theatre

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