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The In-Between: CD Review

The In-between is an up-coming musical written by Laura Tisdall. The show follows the story of Flick who has a sister named Alice. Their parents died in a car crash when they were both young so Alice has had to become a mother figure to Flick. Flick goes off the rails and rebels against her sister and one day she finds herself in the 'in-between' which is the space between parallel worlds. Flick must decide if she wants t go back to the world she knows with her Sister or go to the world where she can start again.
Laura has released a Concept album which is something that used to be done a lot; Andrew Lloyd Webber has done this with shows such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita.This new musical has a rock theme which means all seven tracks on the album are anthems in their own right. The thing which makes an incredible musical song is something that tells a story but then can easily stand on its own feet. The only show that I can think of which features more than about two songs with these qualities is Wicked; on this album they all have this quality.

The first song on the Album is 'She's My Sister' sung by Dianne Pilkington and Cassandra Compton. First of all, these two girls on one track are amazing! I saw Dianne as Glinda in Wicked and she was fantastic, I also LOVE Cassandra's Voice. Dianne portrays Alice nicely, her attitude in the song brings a lot of humour to it and the same can be said for Cassandra. The voices of both actresses contrast each other perfectly in this song. Cassandra's voice seems perfect for the role of Flick, both actresses' work great together on this song. Such a great opening too, very high energy and introduces you to the characters well.
'Never Expect' is the next track, sung by Sabrina Aloueche. Again, the rock themes really show through on this song and I can imagine how incredible it's going to sound live. Flicks insecurities come through on this song and Sabrina portrays this brilliantly. Sabrina also seems like a great casting choice for the role of Flick and that's something I also love about this concept album, it really shows how the different roles can be interpretation by different people. It's also a song which I think most people will be able to relate to.'Out of this world' sung by Daniel Boys is such an interesting song, something which really would get you excited about something. I must admit, it isn't as strong as the other songs on the album but it's very different to the rest and Daniel Boys has the perfect voice for this, he really complements the song.
Julie Atherton sings the next song on the album, 'When I was Nineteen'. I think this is the song is the eleven o'clock number. Not such a huge anthem as some of the other tracks but it's the one I've fallen in love with, Julie is just incredible on this track, definitely my favourite on the album. Such emotion is brought through on this song and it really gives you an insight as to what this character is like.
That is also something I love about Laura's work on this album, each song she has thought about thoroughly and each decision made was in consideration to the characters, something that some writers miss out on in sacrifice of the story. If you do only listen to one track on this album make sure it's this one. 'Beyond the Door' is next, sung by Hadley Fraser. The song is another very powerful one and Hadley does it justice, his voice is incredible and his tone is perfect for the track. Really nice addition to the album.
Lauren Samuels sings the next track, 'Someone You'd be Proud of'. Lauren has such an expressive voice so she brings so much to this song, she'd be a fantastic choice for this role. This is also another favourite of mine, the lyrics are very powerful.
The final track on this album features Alexia Khadime and Liam Tamne singing 'Not Alone'. Another great song, not my favourite on the album but that does not mean that I don't like it! The musical arrangement on this and all the other songs is incredible; it's amazing to think that Laura did most of it by herself.
The concept album is made up of so much dedication and hard work; I cannot wait to see what happens in the future with this production. Laura Tisdall is one very talented lady, definitely one to watch! I hope she gets some backing for this production because it's going to be incredible.
This album is new, British Theatre at its best; everyone needs to buy this album. You will be listening to it for hours!

Rating: ****

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