Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Shrek the Musical: Theatre Review

Shrek the Musical opened at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on the 14th June 2011 after having a successful run on Broadway and on tour in the USA. The show has received lots of publicity from having stars such as Amanda Holden featured so my expectation was reasonably high because of the hype that the producers had surrounded the show with. However, I can say I am more than disappointed with this production.
The show was not like the original Broadway one, if it was I would have been happy but the level of quality of the scenery was not even tour standard. I sat through the first act with my head in my hands wondering how such a terrible show is being allowed to play to paying West End audiences; I would have walked out in the interval if I wasn't with someone who wanted to watch the second act.
The show just seemed cheap, the costumes and scenery both reflected this.Amanda Holden and Richard Blackwood were the worst casting decision ever to be made in the history of theatre, Richard Blackwood was more wooden than a park bench and delivered the lines with no feeling or emotion behind them and Amanda Holden just seemed to scream at the audience every time she had a song however her acting was at a good level and she did portray the role in a passable manner.
Nigel Lindsay and Nigel Harman were great as Shrek and Lord Farquaad, as were the ensemble (whose talent was understated throughout the whole show, Freak Flag was the best number in the entire production and this was understated by the rest of the show).
But Landi Oshinowo stole the show as the Voice of the Dragon. I feel cheated by the producers, the show was made out to be something it really wasn't and I am genuinely very frustrated at the producer's decisions. The first act, in comparison to the second, was a lot worse and the atmosphere felt less tense but I do feel this show was simply just awful.
People who really don't care about the quality of a show and want to take their children to a show they feel would be fun should definitely go see this show, by all means. But if you care about the quality of the show, don't see this show. All I can say is I would rather watch paint dry than watch this show because it would most likely put on a better show than they did.

Rating: **
Shrek The Musical runs at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
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