Monday, 17 December 2012

Crazy for You the Musical: Theatre Review

Crazy for you is the Smash hit Gershwin Classic which has recently been revived in the West End after being a part of the 2011 Summer Season at Regents Park the production had transferred to the Novello Theatre where it's been running from the 7thOctober and booking until July 28th2012.
The production oases the classic Broadway quality that we all secretly love in a musical! It's one of those timeless musicals that will have you humming when you leave the theatre.
The musical is brought to life by using a Mamma Mia style set that twists and turns to transform each and every location, from Broadway to Nevada the set fits perfectly. The story line had all the qualities of the classic Broadway shows we love but I do feel it was a tad loose and could do with tightening up in some places. The characters seemed very unfinished and undeveloped, not due to the actors but due to the way the story was written. I can't really imagine why this musical was part of the Regents Park summer season because it doesn't really scream to me as a production that would work in a space like that, but in the Novello Theatre it works brilliantly.
Sean Palmer played a lovable Bobby, who really made you emotionally connect to the character. Even though the way the character was written was not wrote for an Actor, more for a Dancer who could try and act, he still made him his own with added personality.Clare Foster was a naive and sweet Polly Baker, great character interpretation with her very unique voice. She was very interesting to watch and I found myself not wanting to take my eyes off her.
David Burt, Kim Medcalf and Michael Mckell were also good additions to the cast but I felt they were somewhat underused and feel they needed to be involved more as they really do contribute to the journeys of Bobby and Polly and the key to what brings them both together. I just wish their characters could have been developed more by the director and themselves.
Harriet Thorpe shone as she always does, but she also felt like just a tag along in the story and she needed to be used more as she and Samuel Holmes were and asset to the production! The ensemble were brilliant, the big numbers are what make this musical such a successes, enchanting dance numbers by Stephan Mear.
The production itself is filled with fun and everyone will love it, the only thing i would say that is a negative point was about how loose and unstructured the plot was as it was easy to follow but was completely predictable.The score was delightful, some songs in there I knew but had no idea they belonged to this musical!
A true Classic and will remain that way for a long time. However, with todays audience i don't think it'll last very long. People want something new and exciting and i don't think this fits that brief of that. But if youre looking for a fun night with a classic, timeless musical, then this is the show for you!

Rating: ****

Crazy for You ran at the Novello Theatre and closed on March 17th 2012

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